Over the Beat

Over the Beat

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  1. Not 2 Late
  2. Booty Wood Pecker (ft. Detroit Grand Pubahs)
  3. Over The Beat
  4. I Want Your Sweetness
  5. Make It Happen
  6. Moody City Life
  7. Electro Cute Lady
  8. Don't Give Up
  9. Let's Get Started
  10. On The White Line
  11. To The Shrine

“Over the Beat” is an invitation to Sumo’s musical universe in order to encounter new experiences. This opus is identified through captivating and soulful vocals, an 80ies touch and electronic sounds mixed with Hip-Hop and Deep-House beats.
In this album, Sumo invited singers Detroit Grand Pubahs, Lyin M and Mc Granit from the Band Aloan (CH) as well as the swiss musicians Yvan Baumgartner (trumpeter), Ernie Odoom (saxophonist)and Patrick Müller (pianist) from Eric Truffaz.
As the title of this album suggests, Sumo elevates themselves over the beat, into a new realm and space in order to open new gates in their musical space.

Chiz Records, 2010