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  1. Galactika
  2. Better Plan (ft. Wayne Paul)
  3. Not for Sale
  4. Give Praise (ft. Wayne Paul)
  5. Stand Up Tall (ft. Wayne Paul)
  6. Cosmic Dance
  7. Great Things (ft. Wayne Paul)
  8. King of Creation (ft. Wayne Paul)
  9. Things Are Changing (ft. Wayne Paul)
  10. Orion

The timeless touch found in their latest opus “Galactica” is inspired by the influential music of the 90’s and by the references of contemporary electronic music. Dubs, twitchy beats and rigorously integrated guitar riffs give this opus a great musical contrast. As a result,”Galactika” gives off a graceful and organic warmth that is rarely found in electronic music. Give Praise “or” Things are changing “seem to have come straight out of British Bristol in the 1990s. Deep, spherical bass sounds, served in a slow tempo, accompanied by colossal groove accompanies Wayne Paul’s striking voice.
Chiz Records, 2016